eog 2.12.2

       Module: eog
      Version: 2.12.2
  Uploaded by: Lucas Almeida Rocha

  md5sum: 23878159a311f99970dce818346b2c32
    size: 1.1M

  md5sum: 26a9cd1015786d07888dd50e986ef19f
    size: 792K


Version 2.12.2

- Update window title when saving in another location.
  Fixes bug #318318. (Lucas Rocha)
- Asks to overwrite target file instead of source when 'Saving
  as'. Fixes bug #162627. (Lucas Rocha, Gustavo Noronha) 
- Don't crash when removing images from a collection.
  Fixes bug #313003. (Lucas Rocha)
- Add image/svg+xml to the list of supported file types.
  Closes bug #314566. (Lucas Rocha)
- Fix RGBA->RGB conversion when saving PNG images to JPEG.
  Fixes bug #314742. (Felix Riemann)
- Update "recent files" when viewing images. Fixes bug #316004.
  (Lucas Rocha)
- Fix crash when trying to view an image from recent list that
  doesn't exist anymore. Fixes bug #312448. (Lucas Rocha, Claudio
- Change X development libraries checking in build system
  to work on every platform. Fixes bug #317828. (Christophe Belle)
- Fix crash when adding new non-image files to a directory eog
  watches and when trying to view a PNG image with a JPEG extension.
  Fixes bugs #316808 and #311925. (Callum McKenzie)
- Fix width of the information pane that was too small.
  Fixes bug #313674. (Ed Catmur)
- Make scrollbar buttons work in thumbnails pane. Fixes
  bug #124653. (Juan Carlos Inostroza)
- Make it possible to use '=' or '+' for zooming in. Fixes
  bug #320367. (Lucas Rocha) 
- Translation Updates: Funda Wang (zh_CN), Priit Laes (et),
  Elnaz Sarbar/Meelad Zakaria (fa)

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