nautilus 2.13.2

       Module: nautilus
      Version: 2.13.2
  Uploaded by: Alexander Larsson
  md5sum: fcd91630fcfd64878077c1712efc212b
    size: 5.7M
  md5sum: 0cc0df8b01b095103f63c8fe3580d7ca
    size: 3.9M


Major changes in 2.13.2 are:
* Fix mime list problem introduced with sort change
* Build fixes
* Keyboard support for icon stretching
* Finally fix tree sidebar crash
* ctrl-shift-g goes backwards in typeahead
* Add Skip all button in copy/move conflict dialog
* Position new files/folders correctly in manual layout mode
* Nicer UI for setting custom file icons
* Fix CD icon positioning on desktop
* Fix desktop redraw issues on non-100% zoom levels
* Use the same home icon always

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