gnome-games 2.13.2

       Module: gnome-games
      Version: 2.13.2
  Uploaded by: Callum McKenzie
  md5sum: 126b1fe60e3573707131daee6c80a2ec
    size: 6.1M
  md5sum: e614936bcd086ade65cb873809506184
    size: 4.6M


gnome-games 2.13.2

Not a lot has changed since the last release, but some bugs have been
fixed. So, for your testing pleasure, here is the latest development
version of gnome-games.

 - The maintainer address has changed to callum spooky-possum org  The 
   maintainer is still the same person.
 - The --enable-games code has changed to be a bit saner and to accept 
   "none" as an option. e.g. --enable-games=none,gnometris will only 
   build gnometris. See the README file for details. (callum)
 - Fix a bug in the high-score file locking that prevented two games
   of the same type being played at once.

 - Consolidation of code for all the spider-like games into one common file 
   which gets inherited by the variations. (Vincent Povirk)
 - New game: Cruel, a nice permutation game. (Zach Keene)
 - Documentation id tag corrections to be strictly docbook compliant. (callum)

Five or More:
 - Fix a bug where clicking on the outer pixels of the game area did 
   strange things. (callum)

 - Changed the "Joined" theme to be a better demonstration of what can be 
   done if you aren't restricted to a pixmap-style theme format. Still
   horribly slow. (callum)

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