beagle 0.0.10

       Module: beagle
      Version: 0.0.10
  Uploaded by: Jon Trowbridge
  md5sum: f000377ea172c3535fbfb7c709f27ee0
    size: 1.2M
  md5sum: 2bf353b11837e220bdbbf069d5be99db
    size: 956K


Version 0.0.10
May 30, 2005

* Remove dbus dependency and replace it with a simple point-to-point
  Unix domain socket and XmlSerialization message passing system
  (Joe Shaw, Jon Trowbridge, Robert Love, Daniel Drake, Fredrik Hedberg)
* Support multiple properties on the same name on hits (Veerapuram Varadhan,
* Delete logs older than 7 days on startup (Lukas Lipka)
* Bail out eariler if we are run the daemon as root (Lukas)
* Add --help option to beagled (Lukas)
* Inotify API updates, IsDirectory support and OneShot support (Robert)
* Inotify event-queue clean-up (Jon)
* Per-backend index versioning (Fredrik)
* Allow clients to lower hit limit (Daniel)
* Queries are now more flexible (Jon)
* Properly index and query keyword properties (Jon)
* Removed the old network interface (Fredrik)
* Use opendir and readdir from Mono.Posix to walk large directories (Jon)
* Shut down cleanly on SIGINT, SIGTERM and SIGQUIT (Jon)

* HitIsValid for TomboyQueryable (Lukas)
* Real-time indexing for Tomboy notes works again (Lukas)
* Fix detection of Evolution IMAP accounts that use authentication
  methods which aren't the default (Joe)
* Fix indexing of GAIM IRC logs (Daniel)
* Don't crash on unreadable .desktop files (Daniel)
* Index KDE Launchers (Daniel)
* Launcher backend cleanups (Daniel)
* Minor changes to the Monodoc backend (Fredrik)
* Improved relevancy for e-mails (Jon)
* Look at the REV field to know which contacts have changed since
  the last time we crawled the local addressbook (Jon)
* Fixed properties in addressbook and Blam objects (Jon)

* Filter infrastructure improvements (Jon, Joe, Daniel)
* libexif build/dllmap fixes (Daniel, Jon)
* Spreadsheet filter using ssindex tool from gnumeric, supports
  Excel, Gnumeric, CSVs (Varadhan)
* Add identification of file-types using their extension (Varadhan)
* Added support for extracting header/footer contents in RTF documents
* Filter for Javascript files (Anthony Batchelor)
* Filter for Lisp files (Wojciech Polak)

* Allow highlighting search terms in the IM viewer (Lukas)
* Make search work in IM viewer (Lukas)
* Revamped Best quicksearch menu (Lukas)
* Pull font settings from gconf and apply them to the style; fixes the
  GIANT FONT PROBLEM people were seeing in non-english locales (Joe)
* Unify beagle-status, beagle-index-info, and beagle-ping into a single
  beagle-info program (Joe)
* Show KDE launcher icons in Best (Daniel)
* Mouse-over tooltips in Best (Daniel)
* Fix the TileFolder ranking problem (Fredrik)

Web Services:
* Added support for Snippets in Beagle Web Interface (KN Vijay)
* Updated Beagle internal WebServer code to XSP-1.0.9 (Vijay)
* Added External Access filter for Web & Web-service accesses:
  Added check to distinguish between local and external web/web-service
  access, and do basic filtering of hit results for external accesses (Vijay)
* Added Locks to web & web-service backend code, to prevent changes to
  results set while generating response (Vijay)
* Updated web-interface to serve images for Icons from web server,
  converting file:/// uris into http:// uris. This should resolve the
  problem where images for web-interface results were not displayed on
  Mozilla/Firefox browsers, due to security restrictions (Vijay) 
* Changes in WebServiceBackEnd to update it in line with recent changes
  in Query, Hit & Property classes (Vijay)

Everything else:
* Check things more carefully at configure-time (Joe)
* New Wiki (Joe)
* Build fixes (Everyone)
* Removed a bunch of dead code (Everyone)	
* Added Catalan translation (joseppc)
* Added Danish translation (mwh)
* Added Greek translation (pkst)
* Added Hungarian translation (Gabor Kelemen)
* Added Spanish translation (Francisco Javier Fernandez)
* Updated Canadian English translation (Adam Weinberger)
* Updated German translation (Frank Arnold)
* Updated Japanese translation (Takeshi AIHANA)
* Updated Norwegian translation (Terance Edward Sola)
* Updated Dutch translation (Wouter Bolsterlee)
* All the stuff I forgot (All of the people I forgot)


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