glom 0.8.28

       Module: glom
      Version: 0.8.28
  Uploaded by: Murray Cumming
  md5sum: 04443724ae754674ead2ae8172e9fbd0
    size: 828K
  md5sum: af280598ea86d864a1640f1c84f79883
    size: 584K



* File/Print works for List view, printing a list of records 
  in the found set.
* Reports: Group By parts may now show extra "secondary" 
  fields, in addition to the field by which the records are 
* Translations updated:
  - Spanish (Francisco Javier F. Serrador)
  - Czech (Miloslav Trmac)
  - Canadian English (Adam Weinberger)
  - British English (Gareth Owen)

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