gnome-build 0.1.1

       Module: gnome-build
      Version: 0.1.1
  Uploaded by: Gregory Leblanc
  md5sum: 3cfaa09c1e4edd29a19e4f55012f51e4
    size: 496K
  md5sum: 713fc135e7d3471736f0480d633bf180
    size: 384K


Changes in 0.1.1:

* Implemented (get_build_targets()).
* replace GbfBuildType by an id
* build all valid targets in 'build', thanks to
  Aurelien Naldi  <aurelien resus univ-mrs fr> for the above fixes.
* Use glade custom widgets for the views
* Require Gtk 2.3.0 and Gdl 0.4.0.
* Adds clean and refresh methods to GbfProject.
* Minor bug fixes.
* Updated translations: zh_CN, ms, hr, en_GB, hu, en_CA, pa, rw, nb

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