gnome-mud 0.10.6

       Module: gnome-mud
      Version: 0.10.6
  Uploaded by: Jordi Mallach
  md5sum: 0165739f27a9a4105108fd70d8b875d9
    size: 676K
  md5sum: e5d0dc9962568d192fc71265a4bba74e
    size: 552K


GNOME.Mud 0.10.6 (10/05/2005)

- Fixed a segfault in the About dialog [Jordi]
- Fixed a longstanding double free in the mccp code which would make
  gnome-mud freeze on many MUDs [Robin]
- Many improvements to the automapper [Quim Rovira]
- Fixes to NAWS support [Abigail Brady, Robin]
- Added RPM spec file [Adam Luchjenbroers]
- Fixed buggy history scrollback behaviour [Peter Andersson]
- New translations:
  + en_GB [Gareth Owen]
  + en_CA [Adam Weinberger]
  + pa [Amanpreet Singh Alam]
  + pt_BR [Everson -NoBIOS- Santos Araujo]
  + rw [Steve Murphy]
  + zh_CN [Funda Wang]
- Updated translations:
  + cs [Miloslav Trmac]
  + ca [Jordi Mallach]
  + de [Frank Arnold]
  + es [Francisco Javier F. Serrador]
  + nl [Kees van den Broek, Daniel van Eeden]
  + sr [Danilo Å egan]

GNOME-Mud 0.10.5 (12/02/2004)

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