gnome-speech 0.3.7

       Module: gnome-speech
      Version: 0.3.7
  Uploaded by: Bill Haneman
  md5sum: a9aca5a2f1f3cddea8d29f30463c734e
    size: 396K
  md5sum: 0afa367c75288357fa3b8e274e72584d
    size: 276K


gnome-speech 0.3.7:

* FreeTTS driver now includes and uses a user_addenda.txt pronunciation
  lexicon addenda to support characters from the extended ISO8859-1 character
  set as well as the unicode currency block - bug 163805 (Willie Walker)

* Automatic detection of voices for festival driver - part of bug 141516
  (Fernando Herrera)

* Fixes for bug 301086 (Willie Walker), bug 141516 (Bill Haneman and Fernando
  Herrera), bug 169805 (Bill Haneman), and bug 167810 (Oana Serb)


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