beagle 0.0.11

       Module: beagle
      Version: 0.0.11
  Uploaded by: Jon Trowbridge
  md5sum: 3a2ef8cadb064d12438aabb7c44ce202
    size: 1.2M
  md5sum: 011c655658bd8517760f24a0c10d97a1
    size: 1004K


Version 0.0.11
June 14, 2005

* Added a shiny new configuration system (Daniel Drake)
* Collect disk I/O statistics (Robert Love)
* Backported TermEnum optimizations from SVN Lucene (Lukas Lipka)
* Clean up the startup/shutdown quite a bit so that the daemon is ready
  to listen to requests almost immediately, so that early shutdowns are
  completed in a timely fashion, and to remove hacks from calling the
  remote shutdown method (Joe Shaw)
* Tons of portability fixes for FreeBSD (Jean-Yves Lefort,
  Joe, Daniel Drake)
* Fix crashes related to early disconnects from the server (Joe)
* Support extended attributes through libattr if not provided by
  libc (Daniel)
* Inotify subsciption system (Daniel)
* Properly handle exceptions when we walk a directory with strange
  permissions (Jon Trowbridge)
* If we are on a laptop running from battery power, don't speed up
  indexing when the system is idle (Jon)
* Sqlite locking fixes (Jon)
* Tons of query fixes (Jon)
* NameIndex optimizations (Jon)

* Support additional date formats in the vcard Rev field and catch
  exceptions on unknown ones (Joe)
* Index flags from mbox mail (Joe)
* Camel summary fixes (Joe)
* Assorted property fixes (Jon)

* CHM Filter (Miguel Cabrera)
* Matlab filter (Damodharan R)
* Scilab filter (Damodharan R)

* beagle-config utility (Daniel)
* Better handling of unchanged hits in Best (Lukas)
* IM Log Viewer clean-ups (Lukas)
* Present the Best window instead of just showing it; this should fix
  problems where the window pops up behind other windows (Joe)
* Fix a crasher in Best that amazingly only one person ever saw but
  everyone should have seen (Joe)

Web Services:
* Added new web-services based support for networked beagleds (KN Vijay)
* Added support for exporting multiple folders for public webservice
  access (Vijay)
* Fixes to filtering/translating logic for external access to
  web/web-service interface (Vijay)
* Set source for network hits to Network (Vijay)
* Added snippet support (Vijay)

Everything Else:
* Add library mappings for certain GNOME libraries so that devel
  packages aren't required (Brandon Hale)
* Updated British English translation (Christopher Orr)
* Added Bulgarian translation (Rostislav Raykov)
* Updated Canadian English translation (Adam Weinberger)
* Updated Dutch translation (Wouter Bolsterlee)
* Added French translation (Christophe Merlet)
* All the stuff I forgot (All of the people I forgot)


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