libgda 1.2.2

       Module: libgda
      Version: 1.2.2
  Uploaded by: Rodrigo Moya
  md5sum: 0174a4773013785e5043604fa33af856
    size: 2.0M
  md5sum: 19d5ec3fe7f482fe89bcf6926cfac67e
    size: 1.2M


libgda 1.2.2, 2005-06-14

 - Fixed typo in GdaXqlUpdate object declaration (Murray)
 - GCC 4 compilation fixes (Murray, Magnus)
 - Made Oracle provider work with Oracle 10 headers (Magnus)
 - Fixed MySQL header/libs detection (Jean)
 - Fixed typo in GdaExport class signal creation (Mike Kestner)
 - Set correctly unsigned values in MySQL provider (Mike Fish)
 - Fixed leak in PostgreSQL provider (Alex)

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