gtk-engines 2.6.4

       Module: gtk-engines
      Version: 2.6.4
  Uploaded by: Thomas Wood
  md5sum: 1d03ec695298de28716a597b228c59d4
    size: 660K
  md5sum: 3389a92b62b9c8b916fbb52c4529f072
    size: 472K


Overview of Changes in 2.6.4 (since 2.6.3)
* Fixed bugs: 
	#305374 - Smooth makes d4x crash
	#161960 - Panel on 2nd screen crashes when using crux
	#303112 - [lighthouseblue] Radio buttons appear all checked in GtkTreeView
	#308551 - uninitialized variables in the smooth engine
	#305432 - smooth theme queries GtkButton style properties for all kind of widgets
	#170824 - Industrial labels are purple
	#300530 - clearlooks engine is installed in a different directory than the other engines

* Updated clearlooks engine

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