genius 0.7.4

       Module: genius
      Version: 0.7.4
  Uploaded by: George Lebl
  md5sum: 13b001334799d712772df3de41f64428
    size: 2.5M
  md5sum: 6498c242a31c4a6fc6d0bc28b7ec8b1a
    size: 1.7M


Changes to 0.7.4

* Primitive symbolic derivatives of some expressions
* Parametric plots
* Accepts identifiers as well as functions in a number of places
* SYNTAX: When adding a scalar to a square matrix "A+x" now acts as "A+x*I"
  rather then A+x*ones.  If you want to add a scalar to every element of a
  matrix, use .+ and .- operators.  Behaviour is element by element for vectors
  (1 by n or n by 1 matrices)
* SYNTAX: 'call' now binds tighter to allow "x = f call (x)" to act like
  x=(f(x)) rather then (x=f)(x)
* SYNTAX: allow "identifier + string" which creates a string
* Added functions: IsFunctionOrIdentifier, ComposePower, Derivative,
  SymbolicDerivative SymbolicDerivativeTry, SymbolicNthDerivative,
  SymbolicNthDerivativeTry, SymbolicTaylorApproximationFunction
* Many minor fixes

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