evolution 2.3.4

       Module: evolution
      Version: 2.3.4
  Uploaded by: Harish Krishnaswamy

  md5sum: 7e6815332f3e148e9bf700588f69b5fa
    size: 15M

  md5sum: 0f1a008691ba134b4b3379681965c83a
    size: 11M


Evolution 2.3.4 2005-07-02

Bugzilla bugs fixed (see http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi):

Mail :
	#307398 - blank IMAP warning messages (Michael Zucchi)
	#301466 - Could not able to create a vFolder with Match all condition (Brian Mury) 

New plugins - exchange-operations (Sarfraaz Ahmed, Praveen Kumar)
	    - default-mailer (Jonathan Dieter, Michael Zucchi) 	

Other fixes and changes :
	- Get around circular dependencies using fake bootstrap libraries 
	  and updates for Win32 support (Tor Lillqvist) 
	- Inline-pgp signature/encryption support (Matt Brown) 
	- gal clean up (Kaushal Kumar)
	- Do not pass data to gtkhtml that it cannot handle (Michael Zucchi)
	- Copyright year update (Andre Klapper) 
	- utility function to display the busy cursor (Srinivasa Ragavan)
	- fix memory leaks in conduits (Mark G Adams)
	- add source type to ECalConfigTargetSource (Praveen Kumar)
	- fix attachment desensitization and fixes for delegation support (Chenthill)
	- compare backends for long events in the day view (Jedy Wang)
	- disable widgets appropriately for non-organizers in Event editor
	  (viren l) 
	- Fix free/busy query updates from the GW backend (viren l)
	- Fix circular dependancies in the contact-list-editor (Harish)
	- set default parameter to email attribute. (Sushma)

Updated Translations:

	- bg (Alexander Shopov)
	- cs (Miloslav Trmac)
	- cy (Rhys Jones)
	- da (Martin Willemoes Hansen)
	- de (Andre Klapper)
	- de (Hendrik Richter)
	- en_AU (Not Zed)
	- en_CA (Adam Weinberger)
	- es (Francisco Javier F. Serrador)
	- et (Ivar Smolin)
	- et (Priit Laes)
	- fi (Ilkka Tuohela)
	- nb, no (Terance Sola)
	- sk (Marcel Telka)
	- zh_CN (Funda Wang)
	- zh_TW (Abel Cheung)
	- zh_TW  (Chao-Hsiung Liao)
	- POTFILES.in (Kaushal Kumar)
	- POTFILES.in (Not Zed)
	- POTFILES.in (Sarfraaz Ahmed)

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