libgconf-java 2.11.4

       Module: libgconf-java
      Version: 2.11.4
  Uploaded by: Jeffrey Morgan
  md5sum: f3837e0ed3f58803c2ca4cba844c052a
    size: 328K
  md5sum: b803a1ce73ad9abf87303ca48d50113d
    size: 232K


2005-05-18  Ismael Juma  <ismael juma me uk>

	* Change to generate
	* src/java/org/gnu/gconf/ Add file.
	* doc/examples/gconf/ Fix several issues.
	(main): Use Gtk.init() instead of Program.initGnomeUI to allow people
	who do not have libgnome-java installed to run the example.
	* src/java/org/gnu/gconf/ Pass Error Handle instead of
	int[] to jni in several places.
	Rename to
	* src/jni/org_gnu_gconf_ConfClient.c: Fix bug #303209.
	 Fix all usage of GError.
	 Use getGObjectHandle.
	 Remove unnecessary method call.
	* Fix build problem.
	Change to accomodate the use of as the provider of the
	location of the jni file.

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