gnome-screensaver 0.0.6

       Module: gnome-screensaver
      Version: 0.0.6
  Uploaded by: William Jon McCann
  md5sum: 7568dfaec84a216013eb554f60f9d312
    size: 500K
  md5sum: 8fa8a1fec1543db2ee638e813c2694fa
    size: 368K


Version 0.0.6


        * Added Multi-head/Xinerama support
        * Added screensaver throttle capability
        * Depend on dbus >= 0.3
        * Use property based dbus methods/signals
        * Fix Solaris build
        * Install own PAM configuration instead of relying on xscreensaver
        * Add ability to disable 'New Login' button


        * Support drag and drop of theme configuration files
        * Display a nicer form of the activation time value


        * Frank Arnold (de)
        * Adam Weinberger (en_CA)
        * James Ogley (en_GB)
        * Francisco Javier F. Serrador (es)
        * Raphael Higino (pt_BR)
        * Christian Rose (sv)
        * Funda Wang (zh_CN)

Version 0.0.5

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