nautilus 2.11.3

       Module: nautilus
      Version: 2.11.3
  Uploaded by: Alexander Larsson
  md5sum: f959ba2b06a2f3d7db5c413e44701167
    size: 5.6M
  md5sum: 812af18aae3ca98d64bc2d508730b06f
    size: 3.9M


Major changes in 2.11.3 are:
* Turn the list view into a tree
* No dnd drop rect on the desktop
* Use gtk bookmars as bookmark source
* Add bookmarks to spatial mode
* New places sidebar
* better sort order for filenames with numbers in them
  (needs glib 2.7.x)
* Better handling of font sizes wrt zoom in icon view
* Fix leaks

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