gnome-icon-theme 2.9.92

       Module: gnome-icon-theme
      Version: 2.9.92
  Uploaded by: Rodney Dawes
  md5sum: ba9ecfc4d5ab8d9e484927f04cbe619c
    size: 3.2M
  md5sum: a73965d6d39666c0583f6baac36ea44a
    size: 2.9M


Version 2.9.92

Changes since 2.9.91

* Scalable mail emblem (Jakub Steiner, Andreas Nilsson)
* Text Editor icon (Jakub Steiner)
* 16 pixel versions of 1394 and usb device icons
  -- bug #166193 (Jakub Steiner)
* 16 pixel versions of gnome-fs-{ftp,nfs,smb,ssh} icons
  -- bug #166192 (Jakub Steiner)
* Consistent wallpaper color for all gnome-fs-client icons
  -- bug #165860 (Jakub Steiner)
* Replaced larger gnome-fs-{directory,home} icons with SVG (Jakub Steiner)
* Updated translations [bg, ca, da, el, en_GB, et, fr, gu, ko, nl, sq, sv, ko]

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