gnopernicus 0.10.3

       Module: gnopernicus
      Version: 0.10.3
  Uploaded by: Remus Draica
  md5sum: 9f85807668ffe059398de2286b20b3f1
    size: 3.1M
  md5sum: a5c22397e1d135ea8088d6ab91adb98a
    size: 2.0M


Changes in 0.10.3

    * Added support for Pronto and Eco braille devices.

    * Improved presentation for watched objects. If speech is off, the 
    events for watched objects are presented only to the magnifier. If speech 
    and magnifier are off, the events are presented only to braille.
    * Added "Window" key to be presented as modifier and "Menu" key to be
    presented as cursor.
    * Improved presentation for magnifier when it's tracking the caret 
    in focus tracking auto mode.


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