evince 0.1.5

       Module: evince
      Version: 0.1.5
  Uploaded by: Marco Pesenti Gritti

  md5sum: cc698ae555493976c43275894e235aa3
    size: 988K

  md5sum: 265603f6dead768a2c87a752fdfeec43
    size: 756K


Evince   0.1.5

New features

	* Reload menu (Kai Willadsen)

Interface improvements
	* Support for DnD of files (Carlos Garcia Campos)
	* Set the "Previous" and "Next" toolbar
	  buttons as important (Vincent Noel)
	* Make the "best fit" and "fit width"
	  values act as toggle buttons (Jonathan)
	* Autohide the fullscreen button (Kristian Høgsberg)
	* Added ellipsis to Print item (Bryan)
	* Change the fullscreen toolbar to always be in
          the popup window (Jonathan)
	* Improved sidebar widget (Carlos Garcia Campos)
	* Minimal size for the sidebar (Marco)
	* Hide the sidebar if the type doesn't
	  support thumbnailing and indexing (Jonathan)
	* Remember the sidebar size (Carlos Garcia Campos)

Bug fixes

	* Fix compilation on non-gcc platforms (Marco)
	* Fix thumbnails generation (Crispin Flowerday)
	* Fix best fit size allocation (Martin)
	* Replace newlines in the title by spaces (Martin)
	* Get rid of the black flash when resizing the window (Jonathan)
	* Sync selection with zoom levels (Marco)
	* Fix clipboard operations (Marco)
	* Fix a crash when the ps document cannot be opened (Marco)
	* Fix postcript page selection (Marco)
	* Fix page sizing to be idempotent (Marco)
	* Fix page sizing toggle buttons (Marco)
	* Fix freezing on document with unrecognized links (Marco)
	* Check ghostscript minimal version (Marco)
	* Fix rendering of landscape documents (Marco)
	* Unescape filenames for display (Marco)


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