gnome-braille 0.0.3

       Module: gnome-braille
      Version: 0.0.3
  Uploaded by: Bill Haneman
  md5sum: de18a309186bdcc6c0fe05657b26e8c6
    size: 328K
  md5sum: 1f209c2ce70ff0ead596cfcd67ff278c
    size: 236K


What's new in gnome-braille-0.0.3?

* a simple 'demo' grade 2 encoder table.  It's pretty dumb, but 
  does unconditional string substitution of all the contractions.

* Fixes for offset math - the offsets reported are now correct,
  and they get properly reallocated if the input or output strings are really

* Added BrailleConsole API, which is convenient for an all-in-one
  encoder/driver object used by clients.

* Refactored the BrailleTableEncoder implementation, created new header

* More control of encoder behavior by means of 'flags' on the output buffer.
  Implemented support for context changes when tables delegate, which allows
  support for things like the ICEB recommended context-switch dot patterns.

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