libgnomeui 2.8.1

       Module: libgnomeui
      Version: 2.8.1
  Uploaded by: Kjartan Maraas
  md5sum: f89d6704e9a9ef12c4082361ce03eb62
    size: 2.1M
  md5sum: d46a2b34bdfbc1b36464176fa8bef03c
    size: 1.4M


libgnomeui 2.8.1

What's new since 2.8.0

* Bug fixes:

	- Fix crash in the file chooser (Alex Larsson)
	- Be smarter with non-local hosts in the file chooser
	  (Rodney Dawes, Federico Meña Quintero)
	- Require newer gnome-vfs (J.H.M Dassen)
	- Fix a leak in the file chooser (Christian Persch)
	- Use correct size for external thumbnailing scripts
	  (Fernando Herrera)
	- Fix compiler warnings (Kjartan)
	- Make gnome-app more robust against programmer mistakes
	  (scott at asofyet org)
	- Removed prototypes for removed functions gnome_entry_construct and
	  gnome_href_construct (J.H.M. Dassen (Ray))

* Translations:
	- Updated translations (bg de, en_CA, es, fr, it, ko, nso, zu)

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