epiphany 1.4.8

       Module: epiphany
      Version: 1.4.8
  Uploaded by: Christian Persch

  md5sum: 082ea5fc1ffd718d1eb37241f0f252bc
    size: 4.9M

  md5sum: bb9bdb92c5b4a7a97029e942304a9373
    size: 3.5M


Epiphany 1.4.8


	* Fix crash when closing window while filepicker is up [#156816]
	* Use gnome_vfs_url_show() for Send To [#162532]
	* Set selection mode to BROWSE in topics selector [#162331]
	* We don't need to implement nsIBrowserHistory
	* Don't focus the close-tab button on click [#119461]
	* Don't store more than 5 hidden popups [Adam Hooper, #160863]
	* Fix a mem leak [#164302]
	* Really make confirm-overwrite dialogue have a parent window [#164189]
	* Rename EphyTab's "visible" property to not clash with GtkWidget property
	* Default typeaheadfindsea to on [#157435]
	* Switch to fullscreen toolbar also in lockdown fullscreen mode [#165256]
	* Disable DownloadLinkAs and SetAsBackground if saving to disk is disabled
	* Don't crash if we need to open an orphan non-chrome window [part of #165445]
	* Some sparse fixes
	* Ungrab the pointer when moving tab between notebooks [#165797]
	* Don't weak ref the shell when it's finalised already [#165542]
	* Don't show the menubar with F10 in lockdown mode [#165550]
	* Don't disable print preview if print setup is locked down [#165552]
	* Adapt to mozilla API changes
	* Implement nsIWebProgressListener [#165328]
	* Fix window destruction [#165992]


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