gedit 2.8.3

       Module: gedit
      Version: 2.8.3
  Uploaded by: Paolo Maggi
  md5sum: cbbd5999141d6de932a0afdd55f1aa35
    size: 3.9M
  md5sum: 091b399294b8f5f9598da00c05868e23
    size: 2.5M


gedit 2.8.3


- Bug #149988 (Is gedit potfile versioning needed?) [Paolo Maggi]
- Bug #144894 (Ortographic corrector doesn't work in commented 
  lines) [Paolo Maggi]
- Fixed a crash that happens if you remove automatic spell checker 
  and the press Shift+F10 [Paolo Maggi]
- Fixed a crash in the time plugin when the format in gconf is not 
  valid [Paolo Borelli]
- Fixed some mem leaks [Paolo Borelli]
- Backported some speedups from 2.9 [Paolo Borelli]
- Sync to latest libegg [Paolo Borelli]

New and updated translations
- Rhys Jones (cy)
- Artur Flinta (pl)


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