nautilus 2.9.91

       Module: nautilus
      Version: 2.9.91
  Uploaded by: Alexander Larsson
  md5sum: aa84ecbe9eb288c811195471473825ec
    size: 8.1M
  md5sum: 430e3615efe75ff07d5cc3c109987675
    size: 5.7M


This is nautilus 2.9.91, the file manager for the Gnome 2 desktop.

Major changes in 2.9.91 are:
* Fix some crashes
* Don't pop up mozilla dnd ask dialog under windows
* Change the look of the path button to make it easier to find
* Some changes to the look/text of the progress dialog
* Fix panel size detection on 64bit machines
* Allow open with menu on folders

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