evince 0.1.4

       Module: evince
      Version: 0.1.4
  Uploaded by: Marco Pesenti Gritti

  md5sum: 6270443130e7c8947d0fb7575d47e759
    size: 940K

  md5sum: 87ddc402adf29b200403b6184d20e03c
    size: 732K


Evince   0.1.4

Code changes

	* Add debugging/logging helpers (Marco)
	* Add warnings about unimplemented/unknown link
          types (Marco)

Interface improvements

	* Epiphany like fullscreen mode (Christian Persch)
	* Save chromes state between sessions (Christian Persch)
	* Improve toolbar layout and icons (Luca Ferretti)

Bug fixes

	* Really fix postscript rendering (Marco)
	* Do not leak gs processes on exit (Marco)
	* Fix a buffer overflow fix (Marco)


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