libglade-java 2.9.91

       Module: libglade-java
      Version: 2.9.91
  Uploaded by: Jeffrey Morgan
  md5sum: ca1a403e88ca1301ab427345d4bfc0cc
    size: 348K
  md5sum: f9dbbde3290c2e972ff60bc89021cf6f
    size: 248K


2005-02-07  Jeffrey Morgan  <kuzman gmail com>

	* added installation of examples plus
	uninstall targets
	* version bump

2005-02-01  Jeffrey Morgan  <kuzman gmail com>

	* src/java/org/gnu/glade/
	added ability to create gtk only version of libglade to
	support environments where gnome doesn't exist using
	--without-gnome configure tag.

2005-01-29  Jeffrey Morgan  <kuzman gmail com>

	* Three files were missing from the java compilation
	* doc/examples/overholt/ new example
	* doc/examples/overholt/ new file

2005-01-28  Jeffrey Morgan  <kuzman gmail com>

	added gnome-java libs to linker and added conditional
	building of javadocs.

2005-01-27  Jeffrey Morgan  <kuzman gmail com>

	added conditional compilation of the gcj shared object.

2005-01-26  Jeffrey Morgan  <kuzman gmail com>

	* .cvsignore:
	* src/java/org/gnu/glade/.cvsignore:
	ignoring generated files.

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