gtk+ 2.6.2

       Module: gtk+
      Version: 2.6.2
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
  md5sum: c962f88c1fae247cef502ff205d879d9
    size: 16M
  md5sum: f5cbbcb82627bc6d0d186063e6109399
    size: 11M


Overview of Changes from GTK+ 2.6.1 to GTK+ 2.6.2
* Speed up size allocation of labels, progress bars and
  text cell renderers [Anders Carlsson]
* Add a --quiet option to gtk-update-icon-cache [Matthias]
* GtkFileChooser
 - Bug fixes [Federico Mena Quintero]
 - Don't overwrite the contents of the name entry 
   when changing folders in save mode.  [Federico]
 - Don't return nonexisting folders in save mode [Jean Marie Favreau]
 - Fix a size allocation loop [Milosz Derezynski, Robert Ögren]
* GtkAboutDialog
 - Better HIG compliance [Jorn Baayen]
 - Work with Xservers implementing old versions
   of the Render extension [Albert Chin]
 - Respect _NET_VIRTUAL_ROOTS [Carsten Haitzler]
* Win32
 - Bug fixes [Tor Lillqvist, Ivan Wong, David Neary, Daniel Atallah,
   Takuro Ashie]
 - Make keyboard input work in Indic languages [Tor]
 - Initialize extended input devices lazily  [Robert Ögren]
* Other bug fixes [Owen Taylor, Richard Hult, Phil Blundell,
  Jens Finke, Michael Natterer, Manish Singh, Kjartan Maraas,
  Priit Laes, Dennis Cranston, Remus Draica, Matthias,
  Jeff Franks, Elijah Newren, Damon Chaplin, Vincent Ladeuil,
  Carlos Garnacho Parro, Thomas Zajic, Crispin Flowerday,
  Tommi Komulainen, Søren Sandmann, Chris Lee, Mark McLoughlin]
* Documentation improvements [Murray Cumming, Matthias, Alex Graveley,
  Jeff Franks, Christian Rose, Masao Mutoh, Karel Kulhavy, Roger 
* New and improved translations (bg,ca,cs,cy,da,de,el,en_CA,es,et,hu,it,

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