evince 0.1.3

       Module: evince
      Version: 0.1.3
  Uploaded by: Marco Pesenti Gritti

  md5sum: 3dc927482c78d7277f91a2b4571dac39
    size: 952K

  md5sum: 08b384c91751a98a71c5672693db39e7
    size: 744K


Evince   0.1.3

Code changes

	* Beginnings of continuous viewing (Jonathan)

New features

	* Support eps (Marco)
	* Support gzipped ps (Marco)

Bug fixes

	* Fix a crash with the postscript view (Marco)
	* Fix image view (Jeff Muizelaar)
	* Fix a warning when opening documents without
	  thumbnails (Martin)
	* Fix crashes when searched word is not found (Marco)
	* Fix a crash when changing page with keys (Marco)


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