f-spot 0.0.7

       Module: f-spot
      Version: 0.0.7
  Uploaded by: Larry Ewing

  md5sum: 765b9333b02853000a7b409a7a137576
    size: 704K

  md5sum: 754a55f6724fbcaa2f2bdc223a2b90a3
    size: 552K


f-spot 0.0.7 - Feb 1 2005 - Happy 29th
- Exif Tags are now copied from the source image and updated when
  edits are made.
- Group Selector now allows scrolling when there are too many items to
  fix on screen.
- Previews now show only for onscreen items.
- Rewrote the libexif bindings to support exif saving.
- Cleanup the lcms bindings.
- Added confirmation dialogs on destructive operations (Loz).
- Added HigMessageDialog to bring some of our dialogs into better
  compliance (thanks to Alex and Loz).
- Remember the last import directory (David Sedeño).
- Added start of export to Jakub's original (Alessandro Gervaso).
- Lots of other improvements and bug fixes.

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