gnome-volume-manager 1.5.7

       Module: gnome-volume-manager
      Version: 1.5.7
  Uploaded by: Robert Love
  md5sum: d4a1b99ca58222b764fb5091b0e176a1
    size: 352K
  md5sum: bf8f353d39bffdf8364aea408bf6c823
    size: 272K


2005-12-19  Robert Love  <rml novell com>

	* Bump version to 1.5.7

2005-12-19  Robert Love  <rml novell com>

	* src/manager.c: By default, daemonize via daemon().  Add "--no-daemon"
	  option to disable this.

2005-12-19  Robert Love  <rml novell com>

	* remove "-Wcast-qual" as it generates a bit of noise.

2005-12-12  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj novell com>

	* Bumped version to 1.5.6

2005-12-09  Jeffrey Stedfast  <fejj novell com>

	* src/manager.c (gvm_device_mount): Updated to the changes in the
	method signature (which has changed to
	string,string,array:string). Also pass the sync mount option if
	the device is smaller than 256M.
	(gvm_device_unmount): Method name changed to Unmount rather than

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