gnome-doc-utils 0.5.2

       Module: gnome-doc-utils
      Version: 0.5.2
  Uploaded by: Shaun McCance
  md5sum: a00cd98bde904b81ea1b56e9583b34c8
    size: 688K
  md5sum: 87ed7a6cd37a872f4a6f99245a08ed3d
    size: 400K


Changes in 0.5.2:
* Removed extra gettext import for better performance  (Don Scorgie)
* Fixed bad syntax in a srcdir directory thing         (Shaun McCance)
* Added missing db2html-bibliography to the build      (Peter Williams)
* Added missing GPL and LGPL copyright files           (Shaun McCance)
* Implemented the following numbering systems:         (Shaun McCance)
  Arabic decimal
  Chinese simplified
  Chinese traditional
  Thai decimal
  Thai alphabetic
  Serbian alphabetic
  Greek Ionic
* Updated translation:
  cs      (Miloslav Trmac)
  en_CA   (Adam Weinberger)
  gl      (Ignacio Casal Quinteiro)
  gu      (Ankit Patel)
  ja      (Takeshi AIHANA)
  nb      (Kjartan Marass)
  no      (Kjartan Marass)
  zh_CN   (Funda Wang)

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