evolution-exchange 2.5.3

       Module: evolution-exchange
      Version: 2.5.3
  Uploaded by: Harish Krishnaswamy

  md5sum: ae0701993faf320b8624bb0993bcd7bf
    size: 1.5M

  md5sum: 15e4343cb0df540dc33151b49d9f8261
    size: 936K


Evolution Exchange 2.5.3  2005-12-12

Bugzilla bugs fixed (see http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi)

	#235580 - Evo not handling Outlook recurring mtg. changes well (Sarfraaz)
	#316315 - Evolution exchange storage crashes on ECalendar sync (Varadhan)
Other Fixes
	- Removed exchange out-of-office handling form here, which is
	implemented in libexchange-storage (Sushma)
	- WIN32 support fixes. (Tor Lillqvist)
	- Remove duplicate code, which also exists in e-d-s/servers/exchange 
	and unused files. (Tor Lillqvist)
	- Returning proper error code if calendar authentication fails (sushma)
	- In set_mode() returning if failed to get the folder, and setting the
	mode at the end. (sushma)
	- using e-uid.h from libedataserver and not from e-util (Irene)

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