libgnome 2.13.3

       Module: libgnome
      Version: 2.13.3
  Uploaded by: Kjartan Maraas
  md5sum: 3e47fa24d8b64846f10049c1726268b8
    size: 1.4M
  md5sum: 44356e94859d711c7acba951cf7f9b39
    size: 948K


libgnome 2.13.3

What's new since 2.13.2

* Bug fixes
	- Give feedback from gnome-url if the host can't be found
	(Christian Neumair)
	- Fix some warnings (Kjartan)

* Translations
	- be, bg, cs, en_CA, es, gl, gu, ja, lt, nb, sk, th, zh_CN.

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