gnome-utils 2.13.3

       Module: gnome-utils
      Version: 2.13.3
  Uploaded by: Vincent Noel
  md5sum: 85c5eeca4accf871ca907a80a8f0e405
    size: 2.0M
  md5sum: 590ae4d577920793b8144ba864ae9515
    size: 1.4M


GNOME Utilities 2.13.3 (December 12th 2005)

    * New co-maintainer - Emmanuele Bassi
    * Ported the whole documentation system to gnome-doc-utils [Emmanuele]

GNOME Search Tool

    * Fix bug #322529 - Show hidden files if searching in hidden 
      folder. [Dennis]
    * Fix bug #322763 - gnome-search-tool does not monitor files
      for removal [Dennis, Vincent]

GNOME Dictionary

    * Fix bug #323863 - Typo [Vincent]

GNOME Floppy

    * Nada

GNOME Screenshot

    * Walou

GNOME Log Viewer

    * Bold updated/new lines in log for 5 seconds [Vincent]
    * Add a tree view in the side bar to group logs by folder [Vincent]
    * Show a busy cursor while loading logs [Vincent]
    * Remove hints in main treeview [Vincent]
    * Store position when switching logs [Vincent]
    * Update log stats when log is modified [Vincent]
    * Fix bug #322132 - Add Monitor category to .desktop [Matthias Clasen]
    * Fix bug #323141 - GConf key descriptions. [Vincent]

Translation updates :

    bg [Vladimir Petkov], cs [Miloslav Trmac], en_CA [Adam
    Weinberger], es [Francisco Javier F. Serrador], et
    [Priit Laes], fi [Ilkka Tuohela], gl [Ignacio Casal Quinteiro],
    gu [Ankit Patel], ja [Takeshi AIHANA], lt [Žygimantas
    BeruÄ?ka], nb [Kjartan Maraas], no [Kjartan Maraas], nl
    [Vincent van Adrighem], sk [Marcel Telka], th [Theppitak
    Karoonboonyanan], zh_CN [Funda Wang]


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