Module: garnome
  Uploaded by: Bob Kashani
  md5sum: 54c86c2794fa8d411d0cedf024f1e404
    size: 216K
  md5sum: cdc6a94751aaf3f080b55bb94ca5d8f1
    size: 184K


2005-12-07  Bob Kashani  <bobk ocf berkeley edu>

	* bootstrap/firefox: add firefox-bug305970.patch

2005-12-07  Karsten Bräckelmann  <guenther rudersport de>

	* desktop/evolution: version bump to, fixing two critical

2005-12-06  Karsten Bräckelmann  <guenther rudersport de>

	* geektoys/gnome-screensaver: version bump 0.0.21

2005-12-05  Joseph Sacco <joseph_sacco comcast net>

	* mono/beagle: bump version to 0.1.3
	* bootstrap/firefox: fix typo in Makefile: ->

2005-12-04  Joseph Sacco <joseph_sacco comcast net>

	* bootstrap/firefox: modify pre-configure target to remove any old
	        library links to eliminate build problem when updating firefox

2005-12-02  Bob Kashani  <bobk ocf berkeley edu>

	* bootstrap/firefox: add menu items

	* bootstrap/firefox: bump version to 1.5

2005-12-02  Karsten Bräckelmann  <guenther rudersport de>

	* bindings/gnome-python: version bump 2.12.2

2005-12-02  Joseph Sacco <joseph_sacco comcast net>

	* freedesktop/cairo: add upstream patch provided by Paul Drain to fix
	compilation in Debian-based OS's

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