beagle 0.1.3

       Module: beagle
      Version: 0.1.3
  Uploaded by: Jon Trowbridge
  md5sum: e34150df2298a6601f85f89a88d02894
    size: 1.5M
  md5sum: d24c10650a5d39758da19a5d067dfee2
    size: 1.2M


Version 0.1.3
December 5, 2005

* Python bindings. (Raphael Slinckx, Joe Shaw)
* Fix a crash when trying to search backends without a secondary index. (Joe)
* Use Mono's UnixClient and UnixListener, now that we require mono
  1.1.10. (Joe)
* Use Mono.Unix.Native. (Daniel Drake)
* Added support for index-listener queries: these are special queries that
  return no initial results but which get live query notification of
  every index change. (Jon Trowbridge)

* Gaim log backend optimizations and cleanups. (Daniel)
* Fixed a bug in LuceneFileQueryable where it wasnt setting the
  attribute of a file shared across multiple indexables. (Bera)
* Properly use LuceneFileQueryable in blog backends. (Bera)
* Initial release of Konqueror webhistory backend. (Bera)

* FilterHtml optimisations, change it to be event driven instead of DOM-based.
  (D Bera)
* Use charset meta-type specified in HTML file to determine file encoding.
* Extract non-english URLs in html documents correctly. (Bera)
* New Shellscript filter. (Varadhan)
* Fix for reducing memory-allocations in Filter.cs. (Varadhan)
* Fix for reducing memory-allocations in FilterSource.cs (Varadhan)
* Updated image filters. (Lukas)
* Index width and height for JPEG images into the correct property. (Lukas)
* Added fspot:IsIndexed field to images. (Lukas)
* Index category field for .desktop files. (Lukas)

* Fixed the blog tile. (Daniel)
* Fix some problems in the beagle-crawl-system script that would result
  in TextCaches being created incorrectly, causing problems when
  searching.  (Sylvain Goletto, Joe)
* Fix a crash of the Epiphany extension on x86-64 machines.  (Stanislav
  Brabec, Joe)
* Save best window settings even when ran with --no-tray. (Bera)
* Allow beagle-extract-content to store output in a file. (Bera)
* Stop live-query when "clear" button is pressed in Best. (Bera)

* Translations:
* Updated Hungarian translation. (Gabor Kelemen)
* Updated Spanish translation. (Francisco Javier F. Serrador)

Everything Else:
* Cleaned up compiler warnings. (Joe, Lukas)
* Small fixes to the included spec file. (Richard Dawe)
* Also include pre-i18n desktop files in the tarball; fixes a problem
  where you couldn't "make" after a "make clean" in the 0.1.2 tarball.
* Best can now be built on firefox 1.5. (Daniel)
* Allow beagle to be built against Mozilla xulrunner.  (Joe)


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