Module: evolution-caldav
  Uploaded by: Dave Camp

  md5sum: 969871207e934edac23295bc6ec1d8a5
    size: 372K

  md5sum: 8ae2ae20200a23394b3e7cb61cb49b55
    size: 264K


=== evolution-caldav ===

2005-12-01  Dave Camp  <dave novell com>

	* configure.in: Bumped version to

2005-12-01  Dave Camp  <dave novell com>

	* eplugin/Makefile.am (liborg_gnome_evolution_caldav_la_LIBADD):
	added org-gnome-evolution-caldav.eplug to CLEANFILES.

2005-10-07  Dave Camp  <dave novell com>

	* calendar/e-cal-backend-caldav.c (XPATH_STATUS): <D:status> is a
	child of <D:propstat>
	(caldav_server_list_objects): Add a Depth: 1 header to the report.
	(pack_cobj): Include timezones.

2005-09-27  Dave Camp  <dave novell com>

	* calendar/e-cal-backend-caldav.c (initialize_backend): Use
	SSL if specified.
	* eplugin/caldav-source.c (ssl_changed, oge_caldav): Added a "Use
	SSL" checkbox.

2005-09-26  Dave Camp  <dave novell com>

	* calendar/e-cal-backend-caldav.c (extract_objects) 
	(process_object): Some small fixes to receive_objects().

2005-09-20  Christian Kellner  <gicmo gnome org>

	* calendar/e-cal-backend-caldav.c: (pack_cobj),
	(caldav_create_object), (caldav_modify_object), (extract_objects),
	(process_object), (caldav_receive_objects), (caldav_send_objects),
	First take on receive_objects.

2005-09-10  Christian Kellner  <gicmo gnome org>

	* Makefile.am: Include eplugin.mk in EXTRA_DIST so it gets
	included in the tarball. This fixes bug #315875.
	Thanks to Dave Malcolm <dmalcolm redhat com> for pointing that out.

2005-08-30  Christian Kellner  <gicmo gnome org> 

	* configure.in: Add de to ALL_LINGUAS
	* eplugin.mk: Subsitute domain and localedir
	* eplugin/org-gnome-evolution-caldav.eplug.in:
	Set translation domain and localedir. 
	Also set load-on-startup so it we can assure the source group
	* po/POTFILES.in: Add caldav-source. as translatable.

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