Module: gdm
  Uploaded by: Brian Cameron
  md5sum: fdd0bdd4786bbfb3abdb0c86e185f2b6
    size: 5.5M
  md5sum: d845fe205412bb101d4c66d1e88a317d
    size: 3.4M


2005-04-11  Brian Cameron <Brian Cameron Sun Com>

	* Release
	* Update version.

2005-04-11  Brian Cameron  <brian cameron sun com>

	* daemon/gdm.h: Fix HaltCommand setting so it works
	* Change default HaltCommand on 
	  Solaris from "init 0" to "init 5" which Sun's ARC
	  says works better.

2005-04-08  Adi Attar  <aattar cvs gnome org>

	* Added "xh" to ALL_LINGUAS.

2005-03-31  Steve Murphy  <murf e-tools com>

        * Added "rw" to ALL_LINGUAS.

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