beagle 0.0.9

       Module: beagle
      Version: 0.0.9
  Uploaded by: Jon Trowbridge
  md5sum: ad18973d70a99373649fabaef6d5d890
    size: 1.2M
  md5sum: 638a2a5ab80d468877792db9b9fb332f
    size: 912K


Version 0.0.9
April 7, 2005

* Basic support for internationalization (Fredrik Hedberg)
* Properly delete Indexable content when asked (Joe Shaw)
* If watching or ignoring a directory with inotify fails, throw
  the correct exception (Joe)
* Tweaked the types of characters permitted in the snippet code,
  so that certain symbols that were ignored before are allowed (Joe)
* Updated inotify glue to support the latest inotify code (Robert Love)
* Added --list-backends option to beagled (Daniel Drake)
* Merged Exif compatibility code from F-Spot to be compatible with
  mono 1.1.5 (Daniel)
* Do the right thing if Beagle is passed a directory in an environment
  variable that ends with / (Daniel)
* Noise filter fixes (Jon Trowbridge)

* Updated beagle-index-url to use FilteredIndexables (Joe)
* Have beagle-index-url delete content that it is unable to pass
  to the daemon (Joe)
* Fixed up the firefox extension to pass --title into beagle-index-url (Joe)
* Create temporary files in .beagle/firefox, not /tmp (Joe)
* Display snippets in web history tiles (Joe)
* Fixed a bug in the IMAP backend where mails would be indexed twice
  for two separate accounts if the URIs were similar (Joe)
* Do the right thing if we try to scan an unreadable directory (Joe)
* Added support for the IMAP4rev1 backend in Evolution 2.2 (Joe)
* Gracefully handle null queries that we get back from evolution-sharp
  when dealing with invalid email addresses (Joe)
* Display snippets in Blam hits (Joe)
* Ignore Gaim logs which don't follow the standard filename format (Daniel)
* Fixed bugs in the file system backend related to copying and moving
  files (Jon)
* In the file system backend, work around a mono bug by ignoring files
  whose name contain '\' (Varadhan, Jon)
* Work around a mono bug which causes dates in the stat structure to
  not reflect daylight savings time (Jon)

* Abiword filter fixes (Veerapuram Varadhan)
* MS Word filter optimizations and enhancements (Varadhan)
* Fixed the RTF filter to not extract unwanted strings like font names
* Handle '\n' in a sane way in the filte case class (Varadhan)
* Extract information from meta tags in the Html filter (Saravana)

* Catch exceptions when starting the daemon from Best (Joe)
* Add an "Open" action to the launcher tile (Chris Schneider, Joe)
* When opening a folder, run nautilus with the --no-desktop argument
  (Joshua Nichols, Joe)
* Display more information about OO.o 2.0 files in the document tile
* Handle URI escaping when dealing with GNOME Thumbnails (Daniel)
* Better commandline parsing for beagle-query (Daniel)
* Folder tile improvements (Fredrik)

Web Services:
* Build fixes (Vijay, Jon)
* Return a searchToken whenever we return results (Vijay)
* Added support for Firefox search bar (Vijay)
* Updated TokenGenerator to use System.Guid (Vijay)
* Removed hard-wired paths (Vijay, Jon)
* Code reorganization and rationalization (Vijay)
* Allow beagled to run in-place when web services are enabled (Jon)

Everything else:
* Web services build fixes (Jon, Vijay)
* New configure option: --disable-evolution-sharp (Daniel)
* Merciless bugzilla rampage (Joe)
* i18n tips (Christian Rose)
* German translation (Frank Arnold)
* Canadian English translation (Adam Weinberger)
* British English translation (Christopher Orr)
* Japanese translation (Takeshi Aihana)
* Dutch translation (Wouter Bolsterlee)
* Brazilian Portuguese translation (Raphael Higino)
* Simplified Chinese translation (Funda Wang)
* Norwegian bokmal translation (Terance Edward Sola)
* All the stuff I forgot (All the people I forgot)


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