file-roller 2.8.1

       Module: file-roller
      Version: 2.8.1
  Uploaded by: Paolo Bacchilega
  md5sum: 534c98fd3dd8f5ca3dc5172d3efdf0ad
    size: 1.8M
  md5sum: 31cfbede7770a7b0b157f7e55c1f8480
    size: 1.4M


version 2.8.1
	* Fixed bug #153837: Internal viewer vs. other application question is 
          asked for files that internal viewer can't even handle.
	* Do not ask whether to use the internal viewer when there is a 
	  registered application for the file type.
	* Fixed bug #151113: crash trying to open zip file for extraction
	* Fixed bug #152900: Multiple file/folder drag and drop needs to be 

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