pygtk 2.3.97

       Module: pygtk
      Version: 2.3.97
  Uploaded by: Johan Dahlin
  md5sum: 9623d5d967fbba6b93ae336c6b0634f2
    size: 788K
  md5sum: 51af62c438f619477110ac76d9a6cd98
    size: 620K


2004-09-28  Johan Dahlin  <johan gnome org>

	* gobject/gobjectmodule.c:
	* gobject/pygobject-private.h:
	* gobject/pygobject.h:
	* tests/
	* tests/testhelpermodule.c:

	Apply slighly modified fix from bug 149845
	This is make threading usable for both users of the threading
	module and users that requires interaction with threads from
	other extension modules.

2004-09-28  Johan Dahlin  <johan gnome org>

	* tests/testhelpermodule.c: 
	* tests/ Add thread stuff, that emits stuff from
	another thread and does some enum magic.

2004-09-27  John Ehresman <jpe wingide com>

	* gobject/gobjectmodule.c: New functions exposed through
	_PyGObject_Functions to work around bugs in the PyGILState
	* gobject/pygobject.h: idem
	* gobject/pygobject-private.h: idem
	* gtk/gtk.override (_wrap_gtk_main): add pyg_enable_threads()
	call to ensure thread state for thread invoking this function
	is remembered.  Only call pyg_enable_threads() here if threads
	were previously enabled
2004-09-27  John Ehresman <jpe wingide com>

	* tests/ catch ImportError if glade is not found
	and set glade to None

2004-09-27  Johan Dahlin  <johan gnome org>

	* tests/testhelper.c: Small c module to help testing

	* codegen/ Revert parts of
	Gustavos changes, so the size of interfaces are correct.

	* tests/ tests for this, use testhelper here

2004-09-26  Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro  <gustavo users sourceforge net>

	* gobject/pygobject-private.h, gobject/pygobject.h: Make
	PyGClosure structure semi-public, for gnome-python.

2004-09-25  Johan Dahlin  <johan gnome org>

	* tests/ Move some tests from gtype and rename from 

2004-09-25  Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro  <gustavo users sourceforge net>

	* tests/ (GTypeTest.testGObjectInvalidSignalOverride): New
	test with test case in #153718.

	* gobject/gobjectmodule.c (pyg_type_register):
	PyDict_GetItemString returnes a borrowed reference, therefore
	remove Py_DECREF(gsignals) and Py_DECREF(gproperties) everywhere.

	Fixes bug 153718: exception in overriden gsignals causes ref count

2004-09-24  James Henstridge  <james jamesh id au>

	* gtk/gdk.override (_wrap_gdk_color_parse): initialise the
	GdkColor struct to zeroes, so we don't get a random value in the
	"pixel" field after parsing the colour string.

2004-09-22  John Ehresman <jpe wingide com>

	* gtk/gdk.override: (_wrap_gdk_color_new): pass int variables
	to ParseTupleAndKeywords and then assign to GdkColor fields

2004-09-17  Johan Dahlin  <johan gnome org>

	* gobject/pygflags.c: Filter out 0 values

	* docs/ Revert documentation changes

2004-08-28  Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro  <gustavo users sourceforge net>

	* gtk/gtk.override (_wrap_gtk_bin_tp_init): override, chain to parent type.
	(_wrap_gtk_item_tp_init): idem.
	(_wrap_gtk_box_tp_init): idem.
	(_wrap_gtk_button_box_tp_init): idem.
	(_wrap_gtk_separator_tp_init): idem.
	(_wrap_gtk_separator_tp_init): idem.
	Partially fixes #150698.

2004-08-27  Xavier Ordoquy  <xordoquy linovia com>

	* gtk/gtk.override: raise a TypeError if an action callback
	isn't callable.

2004-08-24  Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro  <gustavo users sourceforge net>

	* gtk/gtk.defs: Clarify the DeprecationWarning messages in
	gtk.Progress methods.

2004-08-22  Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro  <gustavo users sourceforge net>

	* examples/gtk/ (PyGtkWidget.__init__): Call
	gtk.Widget.__init__ instead of __gobject_init__.

	* gtk/gtkwidget.override (_wrap_gtk_widget_new): Override, chain
	to parent type.  Fixes bug #150698.

Sun Aug 22 09:47:12 2004  Owen Taylor  <otaylor redhat com>

	* gtk/gtktreeview.override (_wrap_gtk_list_store_reorder): Don't
	access private 'length' field of GtkTreeStore, rather use

2004-08-21  John Finlay  <finlay moeraki com>

	* gtk/gtk.override (_wrap_gtk_font_button_new) Fix property name.

2004-08-19  John Finlay  <finlay moeraki com>

	* examples/simple/
	* examples/ Update.

	* examples/ide/
	* examples/ide/
	* examples/ide/
	* examples/ide/
	* examples/ide/
	* examples/ide/
	Update ide example program files.
	* examples/ide/ Add helper dialogs.

2004-08-16  Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro  <gustavo users sourceforge net>

	* examples/pygtk-demo/demos/ Add
	GtkEntryCompletion example, by Fernando San Martín Woerner.

	* examples/ (EXTRA_DIST): Add fsmw's

	* codegen/ (GObjectWrapper.get_initial_class_substdict)
	(GPointerWrapper.get_initial_class_substdict): Refactor substdict
	code: move most common items to parent class, and just override a
	few in subclasses.  Set default value for slot tp_flags.

	* gobject/pygobject.c (pygobject_register_class): Remove hardcoded
	( and unnecessary ) initialization of slots tp_dealloc,
	tp_traverse, tp_clear, tp_flags, tp_weaklistoffset, and
	tp_dictoffset.  They will naturally inherit from parent type if unset.

	* codegen/
	(GObjectWrapper.write_property_based_constructor): honor flag
	(Wrapper): Allow override of tp_traverse, tp_clear, tp_dealloc, tp_flags.
	(Wrapper.write_class): Allow slots listed by
	get_initial_*_substdict to be overridden.

2004-08-14  John Finlay  <finlay moeraki com>

	* gobject/pygenum.c (pyg_enum_repr) Match enum values to avoid
	segfaults when enum minimum isn't 0 and values aren't a continuous

Wed Aug 11 11:43:07 2004  Jonathan Blandford  <jrb redhat com>

	* gtk/ use $(pyexecdir) instead of $(pythondir)
	as the module as a whole should be installed in the same place,

2004-08-10  Johan Dahlin  <johan gnome org>

	* (dist-nodoc): New target

	* docs/ref: Adding Johns reference manual

	* docs/: (incomplete) buildsystem for documentation and removing
	old documentation

2004-08-08  John Finlay  <finlay moeraki com>

	* gobject/pygflags.c (pyg_flags_add) Return NULL when no stub.

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