devhelp 0.9.2

       Module: devhelp
      Version: 0.9.2
  Uploaded by: Mikael Hallendal
  md5sum: 17a2c2322494efa56a2ca0245733069e
    size: 492K
  md5sum: af4a26d243e5fecbb95db1b901ba47d4
    size: 376K


Devhelp 0.9.2:
* Added accelerators for back and forward    (Johan Svedberg)
* Bacon-love for IPC
* Support searching for substrings "gtk new" (Nickolay V. Shmyrev)
* New translations (nb, gu, mk)
* Updated translations 
  (sq, no, fi, pt, sq, da, be, nb, fr, it, zh_TW)

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