totem 0.99.16

       Module: totem
      Version: 0.99.16
  Uploaded by: Bastien Nocera
  md5sum: a8fd8cb9494abd6fdafd55625593f1cf
    size: 1.5M
  md5sum: e11149c7325a2b234c44ce2d412d5f8d
    size: 1.1M


* Remove playlist items when ejecting an optical media
* Fix addition of optical media via the remote interface
* Fix Matroska and Real Audio file-types associations
* Fix KDE detection for newer KDE versions
* Work-around a bug in xine-lib where it wouldn't send the right error
  message if trying to play a DVD without libdvdcss installed
* Make --debug actually work for the instance that's being started
* Make "totem --quit" just exit if there's no running Totem instance
* Make Ctrl+A select all the files in the playlist window
* Fix error message when the codec doesn't have a nice name
* Fix properties windows when the file doesn't have audio or video
* Fix parsing of ASX playlists for GNOME 2.4 and above
* Recurse deeper into sub-directories
* Update to the latest recent-files sources

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