libgnomeprintui 2.7.90

       Module: libgnomeprintui
      Version: 2.7.90
  Uploaded by: Jody Goldberg
  md5sum: 43af9e461921d8478e16cacf78d583b4
    size: 732K
  md5sum: 94bd76d9e7c895986fb617579149ba65
    size: 572K


2004-09-10  Jody Goldberg <jody gnome org>

	* Release 2.7.90

2004-09-01  Colin Walters  <walters redhat com>

	* libgnomeprintui/gpaui/gpa-printer-selector.c (gpa_printer_selector_printer_added_cb)
	(gpa_printer_selector_printer_removed_cb): Add

2004-08-28  Akagic Amila  <bono linux org ba>

        * Added 'bs' to ALL_LINGUAS.

2004-08-24  Kjartan Maraas  <kmaraas gnome org>

	* Add «nb» to ALL_LINGUAS.

2004-07-23  Jody Goldberg <jody gnome org>

	* libgnomeprintui/gpaui/gpa-printer-selector.c
	(gpa_printer_selector_construct) : handle case of no default_printer

2004-07-31  Tomasz KÅ?oczko <kloczek pld org pl>

	* doc/libgnomeprintui-docs.sgml: acording
	  switch generated documentation from sgml docbook 3.0 to xml docbook 4.1.2.
	* doc/ use default MKDB_OPTIONS (from gtk-doc.make).

2004-07-30  Jody Goldberg <jody gnome org>

	* :  post release bump

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