beagle 0.0.2

       Module: beagle
      Version: 0.0.2
  Uploaded by: Jon Trowbridge
  md5sum: 3ae69ec5e7d70bc1ece15b319b3f9903
    size: 748K
  md5sum: b87b80b736704abe9fd29e2c1e5dc476
    size: 572K


2004-07-28  Alex Graveley  <alex ximian com>

	* tools/IndexWebContent.cs: Rename --uri to --url, to match
	Return an exitcode of 1 on error.
	Catch indexing error to ensure we always delete sourcefile.

2004-07-28  Alex Graveley  <alex ximian com>

	* mozilla-extension/content/beaglePrefs.xul: Add <checkbox> for pref.

	* mozilla-extension/content/beaglePrefs.js: Support pref to enable https indexing.

	* mozilla-extension/content/beagleOverlay.js: Index https pages if
	pref is chosen.  Fix bug in https detection since
	location.protocol includes the trailing ':'. Cleanup

	* mozilla-extension/install.rdf: Add <optionsURL> so options can
	be opened from Extension Manager window.

2004-07-27  Alex Graveley  <alex ximian com>

	* mozilla-extension/: Add initial commit of the mozilla/firefox
	indexing extension.

	* Add mozilla-extension/Makefile.

	* (SUBDIRS): Add mozilla-extension.

2004-07-27  Alex Graveley  <alex ximian com>

	beagle-epiphany-index to beagle-index-url since it will be used by
	mozilla too.

	* tools/IndexWebContent.cs: Take --url, --title, --sourcefile,
	--deletesourcefile arguments.  Print usage if url or
	sourcefile/stdin is missing.

	* epiphany-extension/ephy-beagle-extension.c (load_status_cb):
	Pass "--url" and "--title" to beagle-index-url.

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