gtkmm 2.3.6

       Module: gtkmm
      Version: 2.3.6
  Uploaded by: murrayc
  md5sum: 49f4a5ba9b4ac4b056a08b128c269cdd
    size: 5.6M
  md5sum: 8c7dad59f3e5c3599fbee2e0066f606d
    size: 3.7M



* Build fixes:
  - Partial Sun Forte C++ build fixes.
    (Murray Cumming, Michael v.Szombathely)
  - gcc 3.4 (cvs) build fixes
    (Murray Cumming, Matthew Tuck)
  - win32 (cygwin) build fixes:
    (Cedric Gustin)
  - Doxygen is, again, not required when building from tarballs.
    (Murray Cumming)

* Gtk: RadioButton, RadioMenuItem: Added group_changed signal.
  (Murray Cumming)

* Documentation:
  _Lots_ of added, and improved reference documentation.
  (Hagen Moebius)

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