libsoup 2.1.11

       Module: libsoup
      Version: 2.1.11
  Uploaded by: jpr
  md5sum: 0cef67698640fa179ae0731afc214a6e
    size: 512K
  md5sum: 7a1811eb8c6d1988402cfdee9e9c65f3
    size: 372K


2004-06-03  JP Rosevear <jpr novell com>

	* bump version to 2.1.11, libtool number

2004-06-01  Dan Winship  <danw novell com>

	* libsoup/soup-address.c: Redo the various IPv4/IPv6-abstracting
	macros to not use ?: expressions as lvalues, since that's
	apparently a GNU extension.
	(soup_address_resolve_async): Use a timeout rather than an idle
	handler to poll the dns result. (soup-dns really should be
	rewritten to not require polling, but this is easier for now.)

	* libsoup/soup-server.c (call_handler): Don't use GNU-only
	non-constant structure initialization

	* tests/dns.c: Simple test of the dns code

	* tests/ (noinst_PROGRAMS): build it

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