libgnomeprintui 2.7.1

       Module: libgnomeprintui
      Version: 2.7.1
  Uploaded by: Jody Goldberg
  md5sum: 9fa6775b674197abd555d80db7ab80e3
    size: 724K
  md5sum: cfbd11855654bb0ee1f1b4f43ef8eb71
    size: 564K


2004-07-30  Jody Goldberg <jody gnome org>

	* Release 2.7.1

2004-07-30  Jody Goldberg <jody gnome org>

	* :  bump the libgnomeprint req

2004-07-20  Colin Walters  <walters redhat com>

	* libgnomeprintui/gpaui/gpa-printer-selector.h: Remove updating
	field.  Switch to using treeview instead of combo.
	(gpa_printer_selector_printer_state_changed): New method used
	to notify on state changes.

	* libgnomeprintui/gpaui/gpa-printer-selector.c
	(gpa_printer_selector_init): Rewrite more or less from scratch to
	use a treeview widget instead of a combo box, and to use the new
	printer state nodes to get dynamic updates of printer status.
	(node_to_iter): Convert a printer into a GtkTreeIter.
	(printer_has_queue): Discover whether or not a printer has a
	(printer_sort_func): Sort printers based on queue ownership and
	(gpa_printer_selector_printer_state_changed): Handle printer state
	(selection_changed_cb): Synchronize selection into GPANode
	(get_printer_icon): Reduce the size of loaded icons to 18 pixels.
	Comment out warning.
	(gpa_printer_selector_item_activate_cb): Delete.
	(set_printer_icon): New function to set the pixbuf property.
	(set_printer_name): New function to set printer name.
	(set_printer_state): New function to set printer state.
	(set_printer_jobs): New function to set printer job count.
	(set_printer_location): New function to set printer location.
	(gpa_printer_selector_config_modified_cb): Delete.
	(gpa_printer_selector_printer_added_cb): Handle printer addition.
	(gpa_printer_selector_printer_removed_cb): Handle printer removal.
	(gpa_printer_selector_construct): Connect to new child-added and
	child-removed signals for printer addition/removal.  Set up new

	* libgnomeprintui/gnome-printer-selector.c: Inclue more bits from
	(start_polling): New function to start polling for each printer.
	(stop_polling): The reverse.
	(gnome_printer_selector_construct): Connect to hide/show
	callbacks so that we start polling when the dialog is shown,
	and stop as soon as it's hidden.
	(gnome_printer_selector_construct): Remove location field and
	callbacks for printer config modification - we handle that
	in the GPAPrinterSelector.

2004-07-20  Colin Walters  <walters redhat com>

	* libgnomeprintui/gnome-print-job-preview.c
	(create_preview_canvas): Remove some unused variables.

2004-07-01  Jody Goldberg <jody gnome org>

	* libgnomeprintui/gnome-printer-selector.c : some minor ui cleanup.
	* libgnomeprintui/gpaui/gpa-printer-selector.c : Use a combo for the
	  printers and drop unused fields.

2004-06-29  Jody Goldberg <jody gnome org>

	* : post release bump

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