gnome-utils 2.9.3

       Module: gnome-utils
      Version: 2.9.3
  Uploaded by: James Bowes
  md5sum: 2649e6755de7a383de1e2a4ae6bfad29
    size: 2.8M
  md5sum: e8f813e87bce900503a6b865a0279ecf
    size: 1.8M


GNOME Utilities 2.9.3

GNOME Search Tool

	* Fix bug #160106 - Do not open folders with default application [Dennis]
	* Fix bug #160098 - Add support for 'single click to activate' [Dennis]
	* Replace deprecated gtk-option-menu with gtk-combo-box widget [Dennis]
	* Replace deprecated gnome-popup-menu with gtk-ui-manager [Dennis]
	* Add startup notification support when opening files [Dennis]
	* Focus stealing prevention fixes [Dennis]
	* Better detection of link mime types and broken links [Dennis]
	* Use relative paths for the folder column [Dennis]
	* Open help documents on appropriate screen [Dennis]
	* If available, use getpgid() when killing a spawned command [Dennis]
	* Update for Gtk+ 2.6 gtk-file-chooser-button API [Dennis]

GNOME Dictionary

        * Added printing support, based on libgnomeprint 2.8 [Vincent]
	* Removed the "Spellings" window. Show alternate spellings in a side
	  panel in the main window. Fixes bugs #82317, #125561 and #155270 [Vincent]
	* Select alternate spellings by single-click [Vincent]
	* Remove the "smart lookup" preference. Always be smart [Vincent]
	* Remove distinction between "default strategy" and "strategy" [Vincent]
	* Fix bug #144680 - gdict applets and gnome-dictionary now have different
	  sets of preferences [Vincent]
	* Open a new window for each definition asked on the command line [Vincent]
	* Open a new window when middle-clicking a word in a definition [Vincent]
	* Make the dictionary window remember its position on screen [Vincent]
	* Make clicking on the applet icon show/hide the main window [Vincent]
	* Show a busy cursor while looking up stuff [Vincent]

GNOME Floppy

	No News
GNOME Screenshot
	* Use new GtkFileChooserButton API [Vincent]

GNOME Log Viewer

        * Migrate to goption [Vincent]
	* Consider all unnamed options are logfiles to be opened [Vincent]
	* Syslog parsing is back [Vincent]	

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