gnome-mag 0.11.5

       Module: gnome-mag
      Version: 0.11.5
  Uploaded by: Calum Benson
  md5sum: 3990a05143efc42fea532d58c44b0b63
    size: 412K
  md5sum: 131e4af7d18d819957add9f9d5bbcdcd
    size: 308K


What's new in gnome-mag-0.11.5:

* We now implement LoginHelper from at-spi - this allows clients to
  tell that the magnifier needs access to certain resources during
  authentication, screen lock, etc., for instance allows magnifier to
  tell clients which X windows to raise in order to allow
  magnification when the screen is otherwise obscured.  Fixes bug #150846.

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